Friday, July 25, 2008

Sushi Maki

I believe that in order to properly appreciate a piece of sushi it should be consumed in one bite. There are several reasons for my distaste with over sized rolls:

a) You have to spend extra time getting just the right grip so you don't drop it while trying to bite through it
b) The piece of sushi may fall to pieces, possibly in your lap
c) It is unlikely that you will be able to evenly distribute the various components of the roll with your bite, therefore you will not experience the flavors as intended

I decided to give Sushi Maki a chance anyway. Sushi Maki should just rename all of their rolls "Godzilla Roll." My friend and I ordered 3 rolls and ended up taking an entire roll home. I foolishly attempted to fit a whole piece of the Volcano Roll in my mouth and had to work on it for the next five minutes. Thank goodness my friend was too nice to take a photo!

The sushi itself just wasn't memorable. It didn't satisfy my sushi craving so I felt like I hadn't even eaten sushi. I can't even think of anything to say about it except it was huge and cheap.

Sushi Maki clearly isn't the right restaurant for me but I do know many people who will love it. $5-7 for a roll big enough to be a meal has a lot of mass appeal.

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